Laura Spalding Best
Transmission Lines at Evening on Hayden Bay
(Fitz Hugh Lane 1863, Lumber Schooners at Evening on Penobscot Bay)Approaching Storm 
(Fitz Hugh Lane, Approaching Storm)Storm at Sea
(Robert Salmon 1840, Storm at Sea)The Wreck
(Frederic Edwin Church, The Wreck)
Wreck of the McDowell Island in Phoenix Bay, Arizona
(Albert Bierstadt 1889, Wreck of the Ancon in Loring Bay, Alaska)Sonoran Scene with Sinking Island and Palm
(Martin Johnson Heade 1863, Coastal Scene with Sinking Ship)The Mountain
(Frederic Edwin Church 1891, The Iceberg)View of Valley of the Sun Harbor
(Fitz Hugh Lane 1852, View of Boston Harbor)The Reconstitution
(Thomas Birch, The Constitution)Phoenix Yacht Club Regatta
(William Bradford 1856, New York Yacht Club Regatta)25 Mile Companion
Paintings from the November 2016 exhibition "Inferior Mirage" at Chartreuse Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona.